Québec and the rest: A survey of national and international approaches to adult language training


About this report

Cimminnee Holt, Policy Researcher, Provincial Employment Roundtable

Sithandazile Kuzviwanza, Director of Policy and Research, Provincial Employment Roundtable


To properly address the linguistic barriers English-speaking Quebecers face in the labour market, we must examine the state of French-language training programs currently available in Québec, and envision ways to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of these programs.

Our most recent report aims to do just that, by examining how jurisdictions outside of Québec approach adult language training. Although Québec’s unique linguistic landscape cannot be mapped neatly onto another jurisdiction, by studying the best practices and innovations of others, we give ourselves the tools to develop effective approaches that suit Québec’s unique context.

Dive in and learn the best practices in adult language training in New Brunswick, Ontario, Wales, Catalonia, Basque Autonomous Community, and Finland.


  1. Increase collaboration between the government, the community sector, and the private sector to expand the provision of adult French-language training programs.
  2. Leverage the private sector to increase workforce-oriented French-language training.
  3. Regularly collect and publish linguistic data in Québec to track French-language competency levels.
  4. Develop and implement a strategy to better leverage technology to improve learner outcomes
  5. Improve the francisation website by enhancing its usability, navigation, and comprehensiveness as a one-stop-shop online government platform that provides all resources and information related to adult French-language training in Québec.
  6. Establish a province-wide network of French-language assessment and referral centres to provide free and affordable assessments for all Québec residents in partnership with community organizations, schools, and language centres.
  7. Create volunteer language training programs to match language learners with fluent French language speakers