Our History

PERT’s History

In late 2018, the Secrétarait aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise (SRQEA) and Youth Employment Services (YES) discussed the possibility of incubating a new, independent provincial organization whose mandate was to collect information on issues of employment and employability facing the English-speaking community in Québec.

YES, as a provincial leader in providing high-quality employment services to the English-speaking community, agreed to help lead the project and assembled a group of individuals from a range of backgrounds who were interested in tackling employment issues facing the community to work on the project as a Steering Committee. Under their direction, the PERT project conducted a number of consultations to identify employment issues throughout the province, as well as held an employment conference to draft solutions to the most pressing issues which could be presented to government stakeholders.

The hard work of the Steering Committee quickly propelled the project forward, and by mid-2020 the SRQEA and YES considered the possibilities of operationalizing the organization. PERT officially incorporated in the fall of 2020, holding its first Annual General Meeting and nominating the founding Board members. Since then, PERT has moved forward with a number of initiatives, not only building its organizational capacity, but also working to develop its research, support, and engagement capabilities to adequately aid the English-speaking community.


  • Representatives of YES and the SRQEA enter into discussions to address issues of underemployment within the English-speaking community

  • YES and the SRQEA formally enter into an agreement to begin the Provincial Employment Roundtable project.

    March 2019
  • The first meeting of the Steering Committee of PERT is held.

    May 2019
  • PERT held its first employment conference - Closing the 12k Gap: Improving Employment for Quebec's English Community

    November 2019
  • PERT formally entered into an agreement with the SRQEA to operate as an independent provincial organization, holding its founding AGM at the same time.

    September 2020
  • PERT hires its inaugural executive director, Nicholas Salter, who begins building the foundations for the organization's next phases of research, mobilization, and engagement.

    January 2021