PERT’s Pre-Budget Consultation 2024-2025 Submission

2024 - 02 - 8 Outreach

The Provincial Employment Roundtable Table (PERT) is pleased to have submitted a brief and proposition as part of the Ministry of Finance’s 2024-25 Pre-budget consultations.

The employment situation of Québec’s English-speaking population continues to worsen, as demonstrated by the higher unemployment rates and French-language barriers that English speakers face in Québec’s labour market.

In our brief, we identify two key contributors to the continued employment challenges of English speakers: a lack of targeted employment services and programs for English speakers and a lack of work-integrated French language training programs to help them enter and remain in the labour market.

English speakers’ employment and economic challenges are part of the larger economic headwinds that are facing Québec, which include unprecedented labour shortages, demographic decline, and problems with attracting and retaining talent.

Our brief summarizes PERT’s research findings, particularly the employment challenges facing the English-speaking community in Québec, and advances two recommendations for the next budget that will address these challenges and help create a more productive, inclusive, and prosperous Québec for all:

  1. Dedicate funds for a plan d’action des services publics d’emploi for the English-speaking community.
  2. Targeted funding for work-integrated French language training

The full submission is available here.