About the Provincial Employment Roundtable’s Sectoral Tables


As part of our mission, the Provincial Employment Roundtable has a mandate to create three sectoral tables which bring together employers, employment service providers and community organizations, and educational institutions to tackle the challenges and develop opportunities related to the employability of English-speaking communities across Québec.

What is a sectoral table? 

The Provincial Employment Roundtable’s (PERT) Sectoral Tables are consultative bodies that seek to develop solutions that facilitate the integration of English-speaking Québecers into the labour market. Members of the sectoral tables collaborate to address the gaps in the delivery of employment services, the deployment of skills training programs, as well as the barriers that hinder the hiring of English-speaking Québecers. 

Among other work, members of these sectoral tables will contribute towards:

  • Building a knowledge hub that ensures that resources and tools that lead to success are widely available 
  • Guiding the development of mentorship, work-integrated learning, and internship programs for English-Speakers
  • Providing feedback on the deployment of french-as-a-second language training and programming
  • Assessing the future skills necessary so that Quebec’s English-Speaking community can keep up with the ever-changing needs of the labour market;

What is the composition of the sectoral tables?

PERT is developing three sectoral tables each composed of professionals working in these areas:

  • Employment services
  • Education
  • Business

These sectoral tables will bring together practitioners, experts, users, stakeholders, and industry leaders with knowledge about the training, employment, and hiring landscape in Québec. 

Why join one of PERT’s sectoral tables?

PERT’s sectoral tables will be the central pillars of our organization’s research and engagement capacity. 

From these sectoral tables, PERT expects to gain valuable insights that will help guide our research and allow us to develop sound policy recommendations that we can present to policymakers within the government.

By joining one of our sectoral tables you will be helping us create a strong network of organizations and institutions dedicated to helping the English-speaking community.

Interested in getting involved? Apply to join one of our sectoral tables here.