Year in Review


As 2021 comes to an end, we’d like to take some time to review everything that has happened this year!

2021 has been a remarkable year for PERT. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we have managed to build an amazing team and achieve important milestones in our mandate to develop policies to improve employability and employment outcomes for English-speakers in Québec. 

This year, we’ve undertaken a number of foundational research projects that we are excited to release in the new year:

These initiatives took us across the province and enabled us to connect directly with our stakeholders in employment service delivery, educational institutions, and employers. Through these projects, we have gained valuable insight into the current state of employment for Québec’s English-speaking communities and map the various programs, services and educational pathways that exist to support them. 

On top of our research initiatives, we have actively engaged our community and bolstered our consultative capacity through the creation of our Sectoral Tables. We also supported the creation of the first-ever advisory committee for English-speaking Québecers within the Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail, thus ensuring that the perspectives of Québec`s English-speaking communities are included in the development of labour market policies.

Finally, to cap off our inaugural year, we hosted the “Planning for the Future: Building Networks of Labour Market Resilience” event held in collaboration with the Consortium of English-Language CEGEPs, Colleges and Universities of Quebec, the Regional Development Network (RDN), and the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise, during which we presented the initiatives we have undertaken in the context of the Employment Strategy for English-speaking Québecers. 

While these milestones represent important first steps in the improvement of employability and employment outcomes for English-speaking Québecers, they are just the beginning.

We are looking forward to building on the relationships we have made and developing new productive partnerships within our community in the year to come.

The whole team here at PERT wishes you a happy holiday season!

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See you all in 2022!