About the Conference

Quebec is facing significant labour force challenges, including a labour shortage which is predicted to worsen. In the first quarter of 2022, there were over 220,000 job vacancies reported in Quebec, with critical shortages in sectors such as healthcare and social assistance, technology and general trades. 

Now more than ever, the inclusion of under-represented groups in the labour market is crucial for Quebec’s post-pandemic recovery and economic success. Long-viewed as a homogeneous and wealthy elite, Quebec’s English speakers have become an incredibly bilingual and diverse community of communities. However, English speakers in Quebec continue to face higher unemployment rates and lower incomes than French speakers despite high levels of labour force participation and post-secondary education. 

How can the economic potential of this community be unlocked? How can Quebec harness the skills and experience of its English speakers while at the same time protecting and promoting the French language?

Join the Provincial Employment Roundtable (PERT) for the 3rd edition of its annual conference that brings together leaders from various sectors working to improve the integration of Quebec’s English speakers into the labour market. This year’s theme is Putting Language to Work, where we will explore how language and work intersect for English-speaking Quebecers and discuss solutions to address existing challenges. 

The conference will be taking place virtually on November 16 and 17, 2022.